Open-air Museum at Kokkinopezoula mine, Mitsero Cyprus


Diploma Project in the Department of Architecture, University of Patras, September 2012

Emily Koustae, Architect

Tutor: Panos Dragonas

Kokkinopezoula mine in Mitsero opened in 1953, when surveys showed copper pyrite deposits at this place. Mitsero was the center of the mining industry of Cyprus and its contribution was enormous for the social and the economic development of the country.


From 1953 to 1959 the ore was mined with sub-surface mining method, and then until 1967, the last year that the mine operated, with open-pit mining method.


Today the abandoned mine is considered as a monument of the mining history of the island, although its catastrophic effects against the nature. The project aims to reveal not only the interesting geological structure of the mine but also the fact that this landscape contains memories. This is succeeded through the wandering of the visitor in it, perceiving it as a monument, but also through the interpretation, comprehension and emergence of the unique identity of the specific landscape.


The project suggests the connection of the points of interest inside the mine in a network that refers to the history of the place and furthermore to the history of all the miners that worked there under very difficult working conditions.


The new landscape consists of two basic areas, the “artificial” red lake and the “artificial” hill of waste mining materials.




The hill is considered as a neutral area,  but on the other hand the area of the open-pit is considered as a monument of the mining history. As a result, at the hill is proposed a subterranean route that refers to the period of the sub-surface method of mining. It is about a living experience that refers to the sense of mining tunnels with underground tunnels at different elevations and also four light wells, each one with a different size and character.




A discreet path is proposed in the area of ​​excavation -as a stroke of the pen in the landscape- that crosses the lake and ends up in the tower, which is the last designed point of observation of the landscape.




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