In the Museum of Images


Diploma Project in the Department of Architecture, University of Patras, June 2012

Lisgara Ioanna, Moudatsou Theodora, Architects

Tutor: Panos Dragonas

“In the Museum of Images” is a proposal for a theatrical performance at the abandoned motel “Xenios Zeus” in Olympia that was designed by Aris Konstantinidis.

23 years after the abandonment of the Motel, the old building is in decay. In this project the modernist ruin is used as a theatrical scene.



The performance “In the museum of Images” is based on Adolfo Bioy Casares’ “Invention of Morel”. The plot unfolds at a museum, which is located on an island without coordinates, and is mediated by an imaginary axiom: the conquest of eternity. The script of the performance is adapted at Konstadinidis’ ruined building. The abandoned Motel is transformed to a theatrical set, a representation of Casares’ museum.


Five key tools are used in order to transform the old hotel into a theatrical space: human body, sound, time, light and scenic objects.

The design project consists of small scenographic interventions that allow the viewer to explore the ruined building and watch the performance.

The play consists of five scenes:

Tour (part A). Key tool: Human body.


In the Museum of Images_The Tour(part 1) from ioanna_lis on Vimeo.


Tour (part B). Key tool: Sound.



In the Museum of Images_The Tour(part2) from ioanna_lis on Vimeo.


Scene 1: “The Garden”. Key tool: Time.



In the Museum of Images_”The garden” from ioanna_lis on Vimeo.


Scene 2: “The persistently luminous room”. Key tool: Light.
gia to fos2


In the Museum of Images_”The Persistently Luminous Room” from ioanna_lis on Vimeo.


Scene 3: “The reveal of Morel’s invention”.

In the Museum of Images_”The revelation” from ioanna_lis on Vimeo.


Scene 4: “The scene of the crime”. Key tool: Scenery object.



In the Museum of Images_”The Crime Scene” from ioanna_lis on Vimeo.

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