Print Your Utopia

Diploma Project in the Department of Architecture, University of Patras, October 2014

Katerina Christopoulou, Eugenia Makroglou, Architects

Supervisor: Panos Dragonas


Athens 2036.
The center of Athens has been deserted.


There’s a place in the depths of an arcade at the Urban Block #10 where some traces of life still exist. Self-made machines have been installed there. These machines print 3d objects in various sizes and occupy the whole urban block.



At the core of the block, the interior space of the buildings has been revealed. Behind the transparent building skins, the machines keep working ceaselessly. 3d production has become a spectacle and the relics of the buildings create the stage set.


At the production halls, the machines create new objects from scratch. The treatment and assemblage of individual parts has been replaced by a holistic production system.


At the factory tower, the workers process the new orders. The entire production throughout the building block is controlled from there.

The tower functions as a panopticon of the production space.


At the information tower, the workers classify the data and requests. The information tower functions as a communication hub between production space and the network orders.

On the fourth level of the building block, the space is open and flexible. The old building elements, the columns, the walls and staircases have been uncovered. Food printing machines have been installed there for the workers and residents.


On the roof, new light residential constructions have been installed. People reside aloft on the edge of the city. These urban huts and their furniture have been 3d printed in the factory below.



Urban Block #10 has become a machine itself. The whole building block determines and reproduces itself.

The city has become a self-generating machine recreating itself over its ruins.


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