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The Renewal of Design Ethos

The collapse of “powerful Greece”
For Greece this critical eight-year period (2004-2012) had three landmarks:
The summer of 2004 is the landmark of “powerful Greece”: The successful hosting of the Olympic Games was the peak of a period of optimism and economic development. Correspondingly, December 2008 was a moment of a violent awakening. Greek society, hypnotized by [...]

  • Made in Athens

    Greek pavilion at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition. Photo C. Louizidis & K. Glinou
    September 29th – November 25th 2012
    Commissioners – Curators: Panos Dragonas & Anna Skiada

    In the summer of 2004, Athens successful hosted the Olympic Games. Major infrastructure and regeneration projects transformed the city’s image. The booming economy of the preceding years created conditions to [...]

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